Abstract: In wireless sensor network technology one major problem is localization problem. In most of the applications, without localization the data collected by the network that information does not useful. Location information has an significant role in both networking and application domains of wireless sensor network. Traditional received signal strength based localizations using propagation-loss model are often incorrect for the low cost WSN devices. The reason is that the wireless channel is unsafe to so many factors that deriving the appropriate propagation-loss model for the low cost WSN devices is not possible. Localization plays a critical role in various applications like tracking, battlefield, intrusion detection, medical surveillance etc. TDOA helps in finding out the distance between anchor nodes and sensor nodes and compares result on the basis of Root Mean Square Error (RMSE).This paper aims to measure the distance between the mobile node and sensor node by using the PSO-ANN algorithm.

Keywords: Wireless sensor network, Artificial neural network, Particle swarm optimization, received signal strength indicator, localization algorithms, TDOA.