Abstract: Car security system can be divided into two main parts: one is the active security systems; the other is the passive security system. Anti-lock braking system (ABS) is an important active security systems. It can effectively enhance the driving stability, reduce the braking distance, and to some extent, prevent the accident from happening. The emergency brake of a moving car may cause sudden locking of the wheel. The front wheel locking will cause loss of vehicle steering force; the rear wheels locking will make the vehicle slide sideways and tail flick. These problems are often one of the factors causing the accident. If a vehicle equipped with ABS, the tires will not be in a locking state when there is an emergency braking, which enhances security. This article use of Matlab / Simulink software to implement simulation of anti-lock braking system, as well as modeling and control of the ABS. After the study of several car anti-lock braking system control method, the option of using the fuzzy control door limit control strategy can make the simulation results more accurate.

Keywords: Anti-lock Brake System, Matlab/Simulink, Fuzzy control.