Abstract: Helical spring made of spring steel often have high yield strength which enables them to return to their original form after a significant force is applied. Specific application of steel spring in automotive is ruled by industrial guideline, like, Japanese industrial standard(JIS),Daewoo Engineering standard(DES) and Daihatsu Technical Standards(DTS). This project attempts to investigate the characteristics of a helical spring type by using Steel alloy and CFRC materials approach was done systematically by using Ansys. The Helical springs were intended to verify the steel alloy spring material properties (spring constant, Yield strength and tensile strength) for standards of CFRC spring. To successfully reduce a vehicle weight by replacing steel with composite materials, it is essential to optimize the material parameters and design variables of the structure. On the other hand, finite element results show that the spring meets the customer requirements within small deviation. In the present study investigated for numerical cycles to determine the ply angles and wire diameter of carbon fiber/epoxy composite coil springs to attain a spring rate equal to that of an equivalent steel component. The spring was modeled in CATIA and the analysis is performed in ANSYS.