Abstract: Mapping of Singo granite in Kiboga area of Central Uganda was carried out with the use Aeromagnetic remote sensing data. The depth, source, subsurface and surface structures of the magnetic anomaly in Singo granite were investigated with the aeromagnetic dataset. Different types of filtering were performed on OASIS Montaj Software to enhance interpretation of the aeromagnetic data; these include Vertical Derivatives, Analytical Signal, and Total Magnetic Intensity. Vertical derivatives and analytical signal reveals the structural features within and around the Singo granite while total magnetic intensity shows the frequency of the magnetic source. 3D Euler deconvolution was used to determine the depth of the magnetic anomaly within Singo granite.

Keywords: Singo granite, Aeromagnetic, Vertical Derivatives, Analytical Signal, Total Magnetic Intensity, 3D Euler deconvolution.