Abstract: The liquefied natural gas (LNG) must be gasified before it is used, so the LNG heated and gasified device is very important for LNG used effectively. This paper studied and developed a new type LNG rapidly gasified device. The device adopts several creative techniques, such as the umbrella rotor, the flue gas recirculation system and the water injection system, which are authorized national invention patents. By using these techniques, the device can be operated safely and effectively. Based on the experimental research, the industrial applied device was made up, and the industrial test research has been carried on in a LNG supplied station for reasonability of the device. The results show that: the efficiency of device, the heat loss of exhausting flue gas, the heat loss of surface diffused and the fuel gas consumption rate of device have all reached the design requirements. When the load of device is in the region of 1800-2200 Nm3/h, the efficiency of the device is all above 95%; when the load is 1976.0 Nm3/h which is near the design value 2000 Nm3/h, the efficiency arrives to high value 96.34%. The largest load can arrive to 2800 Nm3/h, so the device has good load adaptability which can adapt to the rapid increase of external load. The fuel gas consumption rate of device is only 1.46%, which can meet the requirement of energy conservation. The new type LNG rapidly gasified device has many merits such as high efficiency, quickly starting up, fast gasified speed, compact structure, without being limited by any environmental conditions and so on. The new device may be used in middle or small independent region which cannot be joined into natural gas supplied lines system due to various reasons.

Keywords: LNG gasified device; quick start; high gasification reaction rate; umbrella rotor; flue gas recirculation; water injection system; application experiment