Abstract: Solar energy is an important renewable resource which is abundant in nature and free of running cost though its installation cost is higher. Trapped solar energy is used to run motors for different applications. Motors used for applications are dc motors, induction motors or BLDC motors of which BLDC motors are more advantageous. BLDC motor is fed from a voltage source inverter which has a dc link capacitor at the front end. The life time of dc link capacitor is affected by its operating temperature and cost increases with the use of dc link capacitor. Cost and bulkiness of motor drive is reduced by eliminating the dc link capacitor but it results arising torque ripple at the output of motor. Thus to minimize the torque ripple, a new method is proposed where the dc link capacitor is replaced by a ceramic capacitor and a switch. It reduces the torque ripple due to elimination of electrolytic capacitor and the compensation capacitor is only around 3 % of original dc link capacitor.

Keywords: BLDC motor, solar PV, Buck- Boost converter, P&O-MPPT, torque ripple compensation.