Abstract: Anaesthesia plays a very important role in surgery and in the intensive care unit. It is defined as a reversible pharmacological state of patient where hypnosis, analgesia, and muscle relaxation are guaranteed. Automatic control of anaesthesia is incorporated in order to minimize the effort of doctors. To estimate the drug effect in the patientís body and calculate the corresponding drug infusion rates patient models are used. Due to the inherent complexity and variability of the patient dynamics difficulty in obtaining a good model is high. A detailed compartment mathematical model featuring pharmacokinetic model and Pharma co dynamics model is used to represent the distribution of drugs in the body. The pharmacokinetic model represents the relation between the drug administration and drug concentration in the body whereas the Pharma co dynamics model represents the relation between the concentration of the drug in the central compartment and the effect observed on the patient.

Keywords: Aaesthesia, mp-MPC, BIS