Abstract: The boiler is a fundamental part of almost all industries. It varies in application from low pressure to high pressure. The proper and safe control of the steam drum water level is the most crucial operation of the boiler. The boiler may get damaged due to overheating, if the level is too low, and also, due to overflow of water, if the level is too high. Therefore, there exists an optimum interface level between steam and water within the boiler drum. The steam boiler drum level is characterized by a high extent of nonlinearity, uncertainty, disturbance and overshoot.. The cascade-three parameters water level control system includes boiler drum water level, steam flow and water supply. Boiler drum water level is controlled by using cascaded Proportional Integral Derivative(PID) controller technique and then optimization is done by using Model Predictive Controller(MPC).Simulations are done in 210MW thermal power plant. The comparative analysis shows the better result when an advanced controller such as MPC is used. MPC has a comparatively less overshoot than PID controller and much faster settling occurs for an MPC , which shows the superiority of MPC.

Keywords: PID Controller, MPC Controller, Process Variables (PV)