Abstract: Advanced fault detection and accommodation schemes are required for ensuring efficient and reliable operation of modern Networked DC Motor System. The control and filtering approach has received a lot of attention from the control community. So using a controller with better tuning method to reduce the error. This paper presents a flexible and fast tuning method based on Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA) to determine the optimal parameters of the PI controller for the desired system specifications. The HSA improvises, update and check operators obtain optimal solution for defined objective function. Two important control parameters have been adjusted to obtain better solution. The simulation results demonstrate that the designed HSA based controller realize a good dynamic behavior of the DC motor, a perfect speed tracking with less rise and settling time, minimum overshoot, minimum steady state error and give better performance compared to conventional PI controller.

Keywords: Sensor fault tolerant, Proportional-Integral (PI) controller, Networked Control System (NCS), Harmony Search Algorithm (HSA).