Abstract: The proportional integral derivative (PID) Controllers are frequently used in industries for nearly a century due to its efficiency, simplicity and flexibility. In recent times, the control of non-linear processes in the industries have turned the attention towards the intelligent controllers such as, Fuzzy Logic Controller, Neural Networks Controller, Adaptive Controller, Genetic Algorithm tuned Controllers, etc. This paper focuses on the analysis of data-driven neuroendocrine ultrashort feedback controller (DNUC) for conical tank level process. A conical tank is a highly nonlinear process due to the variation in the area of cross section of the level system with change in shape. In this work, data-driven biointelligent controller is designed for the control of nonlinear process to guarantee the exact level maintenance. For this work, DNUC is compared with Conventional P, PI, PID and Fuzzy Logic Controller. The simulation results are obtained for the nonlinear conical tank process. Simulation results show that DNUC has a better performance compared to other controllers.

Keywords: Data-driven control, ultrashort feedback unit, neuroendocrine ultrashort feedback, Virtual reference feedback tuning, conical tank.