Abstract: Present world rely on conventional non renewable energy resources which are now closer to depletion. Time has come to switch on to the renewable energy resources to meet the demands of increasing human population. Though the above case compels us to switch on, the practical difficulties regarding the renewable energy resources remain a problem. Intermittent nature of renewable energy resources and its cost in practical implementation slow down any change from conventional methods. The problem of intermittent energy can be solved by using a backup system such as battery, super capacitor etc. In this paper, a renewable energy system is presented with hydrogen storage. The system consists of a photovoltaic panel, an electrolyzer, hydrogen storage tank and a fuel cell. Each model is then integrated in MATLAB simulink environment. A suitable power management system is designed in order to solve the problem of intermittent nature of renewable energy sources such that an electrolyzer is activated during the time of excess power. Thus, power is stored in the form of hydrogen. During deficit power, fuel cell is activated and the stored hydrogen is converted into electricity to meet the load demand. Model Predictive Controller is designed over electrolyzer and fuel cell in a decentralized manner inorder to control hydrogen generation and storage by rectifying the slow power response time of hydrogen.

Keywords: MPC, MPPT, photovoltaic, renewable.