Abstract: Transportation, an unavoidable factor for a growing economy has in turn resulted in the growth of road networks. This resulted in the increase of vehicles on road which increased the number of road accidents. These accidents happen because of the improper planned roads. To reduce the accidents, studies are often conducted, identifying the accident hotspots but the measures to be taken on occurrence of one is not often considered important. Time is the major constraint in case of emergency response thus helping the affected people within the Golden hour. Emergency response management systems ensure safe transfer of victims to the best possible hospitals within the golden hour. In this study, GIS techniques are used to improve the emergency response system available at accident locations. GIS analysis is used to do accessibility evaluation and to find out the shortest path from hospitals to the accident sites or from the site to the hospitals using closest facility in network analyst. The hospitals, junctions and the road stretches has been mapped.

Keywords: Golden hour, Emergency Response Management System, Shortest Path, Closest Facility, Network Analyst.