Abstract: Phishing is an online dishonest attempt that defrauds people of their personal information such as credit card number or bank account information. In olden days mass e-mailing with phishing link is the most popular way to lure the victims. Phishing is prevented by filter suspect emails in olden days. Fake browser tools have emerged new platforms among phishers. The Proposed System can control the running browsers on the PC using android mobile phone. It will restrict the access of phishing sites running in browser. The identification of phishing sites is through the comparison of Site URL with Blocked list and for security blocked URL list will be in encrypted form using DES Cryptography. While detecting phishing site on PC an alert message is sent to the mobile phones using gateway. By using android application admin will block the access on the phishing site. After blocking the site an acknowledgement will be send to the PC. If the site is not a phishing site it will redirect to the browser.

Keywords: Phishing attacks, URL, Encryption, DES algorithm.