Abstract: In recent years, the number of crimes against children in India has increased tremendously. This system will be useful to provide accurate information about bus arrivals to parents and to the school, leading to increased safety and reduced mental strain. The proposed project presents a system to monitor pick- up/drop- of school children to enhance the safety of children during the daily transportation from and to school and send messages to the school and parents via GSM modem. The system consists of two main units, a bus unit and a school unit. The bus unit the system is used to detect when a child boards and leaves the bus. This information is communicated to the school unit that identifies which of the children did not board or leave the bus and issues an alert message accordingly. The bus unit and the school unit will be connected using a Zigbee Network. The main function of this system is to ensure that the users will be informed about the child’s whereabouts in any time and also marks the daily attendance in both the evening and morning session. A hardware model is developed to materialize the proposal.

Keywords: Zigbee, GSM modem