Abstract: India is a country where the economy is dependent on agriculture. Due to the increased population, demand for food also gets increased. So, productivity must be increased to meet these needs. Here this topicís relevance came. A smart greenhouse system is proposed which will monitor and control the internal parameters (internal temperature, humidity, soil moisture and light intensity variations etc.) of a green house. ATmega328P microcontroller is used. Whenever the sensor values reach a certain threshold, the sensors will send a signal to microcontroller which will then process it and send to computer via zigbee. There are different kinds of activities that are designed in the system.If the soil moisture required is low,a sprinkler can be activated, to increase the moisture level. It also can deactivate the sprinkler automatically.If the green house is too humid, the rooftop can be opened to lower the humidity level.If the temperature level is high, a fan can be operated to lower it. If the plants inside it needs much light, it can be also provided with this automation technology. The software is Arduino 1.6.7 IDE using C programming and compiled using the AVR-GCC compiler. The corresponding automation output values are displayed in the computer and also the caution indications in the green house is send to the farmerís mobile phone as message via a GSM.

Keywords: ATmega328P, Zigbee, GSM, Sensors, Greenhouse monitoring and controlling.