Abstract: Induction motors are the commonly used electrical machines. They are cheaper, rugged and easier to maintain, compared to other alternatives. These are now the preferred choice for industrial purposes.Speed control and fault prediction of motor is an important task in the Industrial applications. Various conventional control methods like PI, PID controllers are used for the speed control of Induction Motors. The present scenario is to predict the health and control the speed using Artificial Intelligence techniques such as Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Fuzzy Logic controllers (FLC), Genetic algorithm etc. In this paper is presented a comparative analysis of speed response of Induction motor when both ANN and ANFIS controllers are used. A vector controlled three phase induction motor is modelled. A three phase fault is introduced across the motor terminals. The PI controller is replaced with an ANN controller at first.Then an ANFIS PI model is introduced instead of ANN controller. Simulation result demonstrated that the performance of ANFIS controller is better than that of ANN and PI controller

Keywords: ANFIS, Artificial Neural Network, Fuzzy PI, Induction Motor