Abstract: Tsunamis are ever-present threat to lives and property along the coasts of most of the world's oceans that cause considerable destruction and kills people. As the Sumatra tsunami of 26 December 2004 revealed the fact that we must be more proactive in developing ways to reduce their impact on our global society. This paper provides an overview of the technique the surface wave radars for the detection of tsunami. Basic radar block diagram and radar range equation and its effect on sea surface are also discussed. Overviews of the signals and their characteristics have done. This overview is then used to develop guidelines for advancing the science of forecasting. High-frequency (HF) surface wave radars can also provide a unique capability to detect targets far beyond the conventional microwave radar coverage. This capability also could contribute to the development and improvement of Tsunami Early Warning Systems. This paper concludes that surface wave radar systems can be used to detect tsunamis well before their arrival at a coastline. We should create a world that can coexist with the tsunami hazard.

Keywords: Remote sensing; OTH Radar; DART Systems; Surface Wave radar; HF surface radar.