Abstract: The mobility of the sinks in the network would help to improve the lifetime of the network in many ways. Many routing protocols have been proposed for providing an efficient routing pattern in the network layer for a single sink scenario. In this paper we propose an efficient routing algorithm for routing towards multiple mobile sinks. Recent literatures have provided a protocol for routing towards a mobile sink, whose location is already known to the source in advance. But this early knowledge of the location of the mobile sink is not a feasible solution in practice. This paper proposes to use a gateway node to calculate location of the mobile sinks and hence route the data towards that sink using greedy forwarding. Steiner points are also introduced in the network as a solution for providing the routing pattern when multiple static sources are transmitting the data simultaneously. Simulation results have shown that our approach performs better than Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) and direct routing.

Keywords: Mobile WSN, Steiner Tree, Elastic Routing, Energy efficient.