Abstract: Media has important and influential roles in lives of individuals and communities in modern era, as it can show the negative effects that complicate the development process in developed high society and nations as well. It can also take a role of taking the initiative to put forward plans to raise human knowledge in operations cognitive and behavioural awareness, which in turn leads to the growth of society in general. Now ,the world has a set of problems that surround the environment, resources and energy, man abusing these ground sources all these things make the development of a humanitarian issue urgent and indispensable for many peoples of the world, especially for the developing peoples or least-developed and comes the role of the media in achieving sustainable development through the entrance to the dissemination and adoption of ideas the new and the entrance to prioritize the public about development issues.

Keywords: Sustainable development, SDGs, Web Application, Domain Name System (DNS), Uniform Resource Locator (URL).