Abstract: The crane has become the inseparable part of the construction industries there are numbers of cranes. But in India tower crane is been use generally and if we use it properly we can complete our task within time period but there factor which affect the working of tower cranes and leads to delay in work and hamper the economy of the project. So to overcome it we have to optimize the use of tower crane by reducing the hurdle in it. So the factor which causes obstruction in utilization of tower crane is identified which environmental factor, safety management factor, Human factor and project condition this are the four main factor which affect the crane working and there many sub factor too. To find it out we have done the questionnaire survey. And mark the response on 1 to 5 scales and then we have done the analysis on it. In this study we identified the factor which affect the efficiency of the tower crane and rank them accordingly.

Keywords: Environmental Factor, Safety Management Factor, Human Factor and Project Condition, Tower Crane.