Abstract: Education Technology, in the early stages, can modify the curriculum to meet the learning situations and student life. Alternatives to traditional educational methods also provides lectures and promote higher education. For example, the new technology eliminates the spatial and temporal constraints, students and teachers do not need to be in the same row, or even within the same region, to exchange information or educational material, but can be anywhere without impeding their work. Moreover, the reduced operating costs for schools and universities, where they can provide all subjects using cheap technology, through the mail this project screens, and the aim of our study: first, to understand the benefits of learning through mobile devices (learn mobile), and second, to provide analysis of principles and patterns of mobile design and interface and tactics to solve the mobile joint development problems, and the third, to produce a new learning of the application, based on the results of this study, which provides direct contact between students and teachers. In order to establish these contacts, forms poll view the applications that can host various questions with the answer choices. The use of opinion polls also can quickly gather student responses and display the results on mobile devices screens.

Keywords: M-learning, E-learning, Mobile application.