Abstract: In this paper, we presented a railway track crack detection patrolling vehicle. Indian railway has one of the world's largest railway networks comprising 92,081 km (57,216 mi) of track over a route of 66,687 km (41,437 mi) and 7,216 stations.So,manualinspectionand detecting a crack on these railways tracks is very tedious process and consumes lot of time and human resource. This paper proposes a cost effective solution to the problem of railway track crack detection utilizing IR sensor array assembly which tracks the exact location of faulty track, then inform to nearby railway station through short messaging application, so that many lives will be saved. There are many advantages with this system when compared with the traditional detection techniques. It includes less cost, low power consumption and less analysis time.

Keywords: ZIGBEE transmitter and receiver, Micro-controller, IR Sensor, Track, LCD.