Abstract: Six sigma tools appear to be quite effective for monitoring the quality of Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC). Quality function deployment (QFD) is such a Six sigma tool which can prove to be very effective for monitoring the performance of RMC. Customer satisfaction is a very important component for RMC plants to maintain its quality and reputation. Thus Voice of Customer (VoC) which is a part of QFD deserves to have a special focus in formulation of QFD model. QFD process can be integrated with available statistical process control tools like CUSUM with v-mask, RACUSUM and MVCUSUM to develop a more robust methodology for quality and performance monitoring of RMC. This paper is an attempt to develop a QFD model which is customised to monitor the quality of RMC by giving priority towards customer requirements and satisfaction. Case studies of two RMC plants in Ahmedabad region of Gujarat, India have been considered for this research work. It is observed that for all the RMC plants there is an urgent need to establish a “customer care unit” which can address the issues of the customers and communicate the problems to the respective departments for quick and early action.

Keywords: Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Six sigma, Performance monitoring, Ready Mixed Concrete (RMC).