Abstract: A social networking service is an online platform that is used by people to build social networks or social relations with other people who share similar personal or career interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections. It plays a major role in our society. Privacy concerns with social networking services is a subset of data privacy, involving the right of mandating personal privacy concerning storing, re-purposing, provision to third parties, and displaying of information pertaining to oneself via the Internet. Maintaining privacy has a major problem, our proposed system provides additional security to the social network which is achieved by using Adaptive Privacy Policy Prediction (A3P).This system provides the privacy setting for the user. The features are selecting friend from friend list, follower request, news feed filtering, block the person and send the notification to the user when the violation is found. Our solution relies on an image classifies which may be related with similar policies, and on a policy prediction algorithm to automatically generate a policy for all the image, also according to users’ social features.

Keywords: Networking Service, Policy Prediction, Filtering, Policy mining..