Abstract: The basic thesis of this research is that innovation systems have a significant role in determining technological evolution. The formation of a new innovation system and changes in current innovation systems are described as co-evolving with the process of technological change. As a result, greater understanding of the dynamics of innovation systems is required. Traditional innovation system analysis methodologies, which primarily focus on the structure of innovation systems, have proven insufficient. As a result, we suggest a framework that focuses on a number of processes that are critical for high-performing innovation systems. These procedures are known as 'innovation system functions.'. We present a way for comprehensively mapping the processes that occur in innovation systems and result in technological progress after describing this framework and embedding it in current literature. This method is known as process analysis or history event analysis. Exemplifications are drawn from the empirical field of Sustainable Technology Development. We shall present A New Approach to Defining Innovative and Technical Activities in this paper.
Keywords: Innovative, Technical, Activities, Traditional, Technological, Sustainable Technology, Systems, Central Idea, Nations, Sectors.