Abstract: Now a day, it is very risky to handle the data in Internet against intruders the peoples invented a large thing to protect the data and there are lots of hidings techniques are to be invented for security purpose. But those techniques can be hack by unauthorized users is drawback in existing systems so that propose the new system i.e. Data hiding behind the video using forbidden zone and selective embedding. This system makes use of correction ability of duplication store codes and advantage of forbidden zone data hiding is used. This system is tested by all types of videos that type of video which help to data hiding likewise avi, 3gp, mp4 etc. In this research the encryption and decryption technique is used to provide the security key. Without that key no one can see the original data. This technique is used to protect the database from unauthorized and the destructive forces .It has large erasure capability of data hiding.

Keywords: Steganography, Data Hiding, Forbidden Zone, Selective embedding.