Abstract: The need of design lightweight structures and the increase use of lightweight materials in industrial fields, have lead to wide use of adhesive bonding. Most widely used material as Composite materials for structural element in aircraft structure like huge assembly of frames, skins, spars etc. and also used in automobile body parts like hood, trunk, doors, and roof. These joints are manufacture by Riveted joints. Failure of components occurs due to lots of reasons such as stress concentration excessive deflection or combination of these. By the application of various joining techniques try to identify stress concentration at particular location and strength of joint so that the suitable configuration can be chosen for various applications.Modeling, manufacturing (bonded, riveted, hybrid joint) and static analysis of 3D models will carry out using FEA software. The results will be interpreted in terms of Von Mises Stress. Various joints like Bonded, Riveted, and Hybrid joint were prepared and tensile test will carry out to evaluate results to identify their load bearing capacity.

Keywords: static analysis, FEA software, Von Misses stress.