Abstract: This paper describes a new voltage source inverter (VSI) referred to as a BOOST INVERTER or boost DC–AC converter. The main attribute of the new inverter topology is the fact that it generates an ac output voltage larger than the dc input one, depending on the instantaneous duty cycle. This property is not found in the classical VSI, which produces an ac output instantaneous voltage always lower than the dc input one. For the purpose of optimizing the boost inverter dynamics, while ensuring correct operation in any working condition, a sliding mode controller is proposed. This new inverter is intended to be used in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and ac driver systems design whenever an ac voltage larger than the dc link voltage is needed, with no need of a second power conversion stage (SPCS). This boost inverter topology generates an AC voltage which is larger than that of the input DC voltage in a single stage conversion.

Keywords: Voltage Source Inverter (VSI), Boost Inverter, Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), DC voltage.