Abstract: Information security is the technique of defending information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, inspection, recording or destruction. Data leakage happens whenever a system reveals or disclosed some information to unauthorized parties. We know that in business or in any distribution purpose it is necessary to transfer important data among many business partner and between the numbers of employees. But during this transfer of data information is reach to unauthorized place. So it is challenging and necessary to find leakage and guilty person responsible for information leakage. The goal of this system is to detect guilty person means agent when the distributorís sensitive data have been leaked and if possible to identify the leak data. In this project, we used the methodology for adding fake object into data. Fake object will be added using steganography concept. Steganography is the ancient technique of data hiding used for security. We can say that steganography is the art and science of hiding the existence of information. The ultimate aim of Steganography is to mask the fake data behind the cover file. In this system, we find the guilty person which is responsible for data leakage of video file. Video consist of number frame therefore we add fake data on every frame to increase the chance of detection. Here guilty person means agent is the insider. Insider means the person working in organization. Because in many times, data leakage is happen due to insider.

Keywords: Steganography, fake object, data leakage, distributor, agent.