Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to compare the behavior of two types of controllers: a traditional controller, represented by a PID controller, and fractional order controllers, represented by a generalized PIλD.The well-known PID is the integer order controller chosen whereas the generalized PID which stands for fractional order robust controller are the fractional order controllers studied. Fractional order controller is widely used in most areas of science and engineering, being recognized its ability to yield a superior control in many dynamical systems. This work proposes the applications of a Fractional Order PID (FOPID) controller in the area of Power Electronics. To design Fractional Order PID controller is to determine the two important parameters ? (integrator order) and (derivative order). In this article, the response and performance of closed loop DC DC converters (Buck, Boost and Buck boost converter) is compared between two controllers of Fractional Order PID controller and conventional PID controller. In all the cases the Fractional Order PID controller is found much better than conventional PID controller for the given system.

Keywords: Buck Converter, Boost converter, Buck-Boost converter, PID, FPID.