Abstract: In the recent years rapid development of power electronics and their usage in domestic applications is the major cause for low power quality in distribution system .This can also be due to insufficient VAR support and load unbalance. Power quality problems are mainly classified into three categories. They are voltage fluctuations (sag, swell & flicker), harmonics, low power factor. In all the power quality problems voltage sag and swell are frequently occurs and affects consumers largely. This power quality problem is mitigated by different custom FACTs devices like SVC, TCR and DSTATCOM etc. In all DSTATCOM gives better performance because of faster response, large operating region. In this project the performance of DSTATCOM is verified to mitigate voltage sag , swell , sudden loading and source harmonics in distribution system. It is also verified with soft computing techniques like fuzzy. The results of soft computing techniques are compared with PI control. The distribution system, DSTATCOM and controllers are simulated in MATLAB/SIMULINK.

Keywords: Distribution Static Compensator (DSTATCOM), Distribution Power System, Fuzzy Logic Control, Proportional and Integral (PI) Control.