Abstract: In developing countries, particularly many rural areas are in need of reliable and low cost electrical system which supplies water for rural areas. To solve this problem, an efficient water pumping system has to be designed to supply agricultural farms and rural settlement. For these applications, solar water pumping system is the most appropriate solution. This paper presents design and comparison of solar water pumping system with PID and FUZZY controllers for agricultural and domestic applications using MATLAB Simulink. In this project DC-DC boost converter is used to step up the voltage to a suitable value which is suitable to run the induction motor A design of directly coupled solar water pumping system powered from photovoltaic panels, DC to DC boost converter, full bridge sinusoidal pulse width modulation inverter, LC filter, induction motor and centrifugal pump is presented. The PID and FUZZY controllers used to control the voltage and compared the performance of the system with PID and FUZZY controllers.

Keywords: SPWM, PV arrays and solar panels, Boost converter, LC filter, PID, FUZZY controller and Induction motor.