Abstract: Many objects around us are placed on a network via wireless sensor network (WSN). This type of network is considered new technology and it begins to grow and raised in order to allow data to be stored, processed and accessed in an efficient way. It is used for observing, checking, or keeping a continuous recording of a process or quantity of ecological circumstances such as heat range, audio, pressure and wetness to hand in glove successfully go their data over the network to specific location . The difficulty in WSN network is that the network access is not secure or not safe when data transmits through wireless environment. It is susceptible to assault and intruders. Additionally, denial of services attacks much more damaging. Security issues are biggest issue in the field of wireless sensor networks. This paper focuses on looking at the current safety troubles of wireless sensor networks and recommended suitable controls to triumph over these problems.

Keywords: wireless sensor networks, security issues, intruders, denial of service.