Abstract: Energy storage systems (ESSs) are enabling technologies for well-established and new applications such as power peak shaving, electric vehicles, integration of renewable energies, etc. With the increasing penetration of wind power into electric power grids, energy storage devices will be required to dynamically match the intermittency of wind energy. Energy-storage devices charge during low power demands and discharge during high power demands, acting as catalysts to provide energy boost. Batteries are the primary energy-storage devices in ground vehicles. Increasing the all-electric range of vehicles by 15% almost doubles the incremental cost of the energy-storage system. Due to the variable characteristics of renewable generation, batteries used in renewable-power systems can undergo many irregular, partial charge/discharge cycles. In turn, this can also have a detrimental effect on battery lifetime. Energy storage system in wind power system is required to deal with the difference of power between generator side and load side.

Keywords: Batteries, energy storage, super capacitors, wind power generation.