Abstract: The demand for compression is to reduce the storage space and reduction of transmission cost. When a digital image is transmitted through a communication channel, the rate of the transmission depends on the size of the data. The simply way at current is to improve on these resource requirements is to compress images such that they can be transmitted earlier and then decompressed by the receiver. There are different applications requiring image compression such as multimedia, internet, satellite imaging, remote sensing, conservation of art work, etc. frequent methods for image compression have been accessible in the literature survey but there is forever a scope for improvement. In current work the fractal image compression has been employed as a proficient method in image compression. An original compression encoding technique using hard threshold has been planned based on fractal image compression and the results are compared with the other condition of art image compression methods. The proposed method reduces the Encoding time significantly while somewhat compromising with the value of the image. The initial experiments show that the advanced proposed approach could attain smaller encoding time and higher compression ratio on images. The proposed algorithm exhibits promising grades from quantitatively and qualitatively points of view.

Keywords: Compression, Contractive transform, Fractal, Iterative Function System, Thresholding.