Abstract: Recent years there has been a fast increase in the development of composite materials, particularly in the automobile and aerospace industries, due to their high strength to weight ratio, high wear resistance, low density and low coefficient of thermal expansion. The advancements in the field of application make the study of their desirable properties like bending, compression and tensile got utmost importance. This paper attempts to assess the desirable properties of the composite material which has been made up with Banana fibers, Jute Fiber and, Resin Epoxy (LY-556) and hardener (HY-917).In this work we have compared 3 different composite materials, that is material is the same but the size of the material are varied across different materials.. The results obtained shows that the composite possesses good tensile and bending strength comparatively.

Keywords: Banana fibers, Jute Fiber, Resin Epoxy (LY-556) and Hardener (HY-917).