Abstract: Moving object detection is the task of identifying the physical movement of an object in a given region or area. Over last few years, moving object detection has received much of attraction due to its wide range of applications like video surveillance, human motion analysis, robot navigation, event detection, video conferencing, traffic analysis and security. In addition, moving object detection is very consequential and efficacious research topic in field of computer vision and video processing, since it forms a critical step for many complex processes like video object classification and video tracking activity. Consequently, identification of actual shape of moving object from a given sequence of video frames becomes pertinent. However, task of detecting actual shape of object in motion becomes tricky due to various challenges like dynamic scene changes, illumination variations, and presence of shadow, camouflage and bootstrapping problem. To reduce the effect of these problems, researchers have proposed number of new approaches. This project provides a brief classification of the classical approaches for moving object detection.

Keywords: Moving Object Detection, Object Classification, Video Surveillance, Video Frames.