Abstract: In today’s fast-paced vehicle situation, road safety is of utmost importance. lot of peoples have lost their lives while travelling, because of a road accident. So, we should mitigate such accidents if we want to travel safely. To cater this cause, we hereby, propose an automatic steering controlled headlamp setup. The system will be adopted in any form of four wheel vehicles/trucks or trailers etc. without being an economic burden on for the user. The idea of steering controlled headlamp isn't new, however its ability to turn according to the steering turning angle as well as direction could be a new idea. Many of corporations have developed technologies that incorporate turn able headlight to better illuminate the road, however these technologies are quite costly and continue to be distant from the majority of car owners. So, we felt the necessity of developing a mechanism that incorporates few easy parts like gears, linkages etc. and can be readily fitted onto any steering system without a lot of a design variations.

Keywords: Automotive lighting system, steering system, headlamp, Curved Road, Automotive.