Abstract: Agriculture plays a vital role in the Indian economy. Indian agriculture is at crossroads and one of the major challenges is to reverse deceleration in agricultural growth. The grains on handling after harvest contain various proportions of material other than grains (MOG) such as stone, pod, stem and dirt. Separation of the MOG is essential to upgrade the quality of food material. Grading result in reduced bulk of the material, high value products, safe and longer storage, more out-turn of better quality milled products. Improper grading usually results in cost loss. Cleaning helps to reduce bulkiness during subsequent post harvest operations. To remove straw pieces, unfilled grains and other foreign materials, cleaning and winnowing can be done manually, using wind energy or with the use of machines. In this project we are going to sort the food grains of different sizes, and also polish them at a time in three categories i.e. coarse, medium and fine grains. The wastage will be collected in the collector and impurities (if any) will also get removed with the help of fan/Blower. The slider crank mechanism is used for desired.

Keywords: MOG, Polishing Machine, Grain Grading, food grains, fan/Blower.