Abstract: EDM is widely used machining technique in the world. It is one of the most accurate types of machining processes. The ability to achieve complex geometries and intricate shapes with high degree of accuracy especially when used along with CNC makes it more accurate and superior from any other machining techniques. In spite of all these positive characteristics, the EDM machine has some drawbacks. The most critical problem among these which causes wastage of time, removal or erosion of electrode material from the electrode. As we all know that EDM process works on the erosion of material or work-piece due to the spark produced between the surface of electrode and the work-piece. But during this process, along with the erosion of the work-piece there is erosion of the electrode (tool). To reduce this gap produced by the ‘erosion of tool’ the companies keeps a set of electrodes available in order to overcome the tool erosion problem. The number of electrodes in excess is kept according to the need and use of electrode. It takes quite long time in making of this electrode along with the wastage of money and labor. We need to give a solution to this problem and find an alternative or a solution which can reduce the requirement of the electrodes in order to save our time and money. For this purpose, we have to minimize the amount of erosion of tool end by specifying the desired or more appropriate input parameters (voltage, current, pulse on-off time etc.) which are to be given to EDM in order to lessen the erosion of electrode.

Keywords: Electric discharge machining, metal removal rate, Electrode erosion.