Abstract: Technology has made immense progress globally and has become a strong tool in communication. Finding its use in diverse fields and various levels it has become a strong aid for classroom deliverance of lecture and interaction between teacher and student. The paper will be based on a theoretical study and deliberation of imparting education in the discipline of Architecture with use of state-of-art technology. The study intends to consider both aspects that are looking into the pros and cons of the technology driven tools used in teaching and learning Architecture. The debate on the benefits of technology driven tools in imparting architectural education continues till today amongst various generation of architects. Like amongst those who were more primitive compared to those who have seen the advancement of technology in the profession and its education and thirdly those who are the ‘present’ and took their initial notes over the computer. In this context the paper will discuss around the larger framework of how technology has brought meaningful change and progress in the classroom and the industry. Thus giving an insight on whether the benefits are positive and has technological advancement has improvised education and learning. Some questions may continue to exist of technology being misused by the students and whether improvised educational methods have increased industry productivity. Towards conclusion the paper will attempt to pave guidelines for use of technological tools in architectural teaching and learning, preventing misuse, positive productivity and quality work. Keywords: Technology, Education methods, Architectural education, teaching and learning