Abstract: With mobile learning (m-learning), the learner only needs to have a smartphone and access to the internet; with that, they can access all the resources they need to study without having to carry books around with them. Some of the advantages of m-learning include areduction in cost, elasticity, flexibility and collaborative learning. On the flipside, this method of learning has its drawbacks that include screen size and the battery life of the smart phone, distractions during the learning process, and internet charges. Since the advantages are on the higher side, it is important that the mobile learning be adopted by educational instotuties and training centres to enhance the quality and accessibility of learning. The introduction of new technology in m-learning such as ambient intelligence, location-based learning, and learning implants implies that mobile learning has a bright future. This paper provides an overview of m-learning via the cloud computing technology and introduces a mobile application that teaches programming to young children as an example of this type of learning.

Keywords: Cloud computing, Mobile learning (m-learning), Android Application, Programming, e-Learning.