Abstract: A composite consists of two or more combined constituents in macroscopic level and is not soluble with each other. Currently worldwide interest in manufacturing composite materials from west industrial and agricultural materials due to increasing demands for environmental friendly material. The walnut is enclosed by the shell called as walnut shell. Walnut shell is treated as waste but because of its good mechanical strength, chemical property and abrasive nature so it is helpful for improving property and it used as reinforcement. Fabricate the specimens by varying % of weight of 0%, 5%, 10%, 20%, 30% and 40% walnut shell flour used in polyester resin and applying resin with E-Glass fiber by using hand lay-up method. The test is carried out to determine compression test, charpy test, tensile test and wear test is conducted.

Keywords: Walnut shell flour, polyester resin,compression test, charpy test, tensile test and wear test.