Abstract: A rare exposition on the title with excerpts from famous books such as ‘Physics and Philosophy’, ‘The Nature of the Physical World’, ‘Quantum Theory’, ‘The Tau of Physics’, The Fire in the Equations’, and ‘Euclid to Eddington’ written respectively by Heisenberg, Eddington, David Bohm, Fritjof Capra, Kitty Ferguson, Edmund Whittaker, to mention few. The entire Paper is given a philosophical touch starting from Classical Physics to Quantum Theory. The reader will (I hope) appreciate the philosophical views given by each of them. As a picture speaks thousand words, and as ‘Face is the Index of the Mind’, I have added the pictures of the scientists at appropriate places. In addition to the references, author has added some of his personal views on the topic.

Keywords: Cause and Effect, Causation, Causality, Canons of Induction, Doctrine of Determinism, Events in four-dimensional space-time, Law of Causation, Necessity and Chance.