Abstract: In this report, comparison is made between IS800:2007 & International standards. The entire range of pre-engineered building is studied while doing this comparison. A school building is designed using IS800:2007 & International standards by keeping the loading parameters similar, all the loads are applied accordance with Indian codes. An attempt is made to study the variation in tonnage as per IS800:2007 & International standards & possible reasons for variation in respective results. Analysis and design of these building frames was carried out using Staad-Pro software & manually also. As per market study it observed that more than 70% pre-engineered buildings are designed according to American codes. As per the design result obtained during this dissertation work it is noted that the weight of structure is reduced by 23.97% as compared to IS800:2007. Even though most of the pre-engineered buildings are designed accordance to American code it is noted that by using Euro-03 weight of structure is reduced by 27.2% and by using BS5950-2000 weight of structure is reduced by 9.04% respectively as per obtained design results as compared to IS800:2007.

Keywords: PEB, Analysis, Design, LSM, LRFD, AISC-10, IS 800:2007, Euro-03, BS5950.