Abstract: This paper presents the comparison of conventional steel section and FRP (Fibre Reinforced Polymer) tow sheet wrapped steel section, which gives high strength and resists the buckling behaviour. The circular hollow steel section is widely used in structural and non-structural elements, on off shower and on shower buildings. More excellent properties of the tubular shape with regard to loading in tension, compression, bending in all directions. To increase the strength and durability of steel structure, FRP tow sheet are used in the section. The section according to the class 4 according to the euro code 3,EN 10219-2:2006(E) Cold form steel section, 200mm diameter, 800mm length hollow circular steel section .FRP has been established as an effective method of strengthening of steel and concrete. The different fibres combination is called as tow sheets (one layer of glass sheet placed between two carbon sheets.). New technique of using FRP tow sheet has gained importance as the bond that has been created by wrapping. The finite element software (Using ABAQUSE software) under axial loading is determined. Use carbon and glass laminates in the section to increase the load bearing capacity and delay the buckling failures.

Keywords: Circular hollow section column, Carbon laminates, Glass laminates, Nitowrap Adhesive, Euro code 3, Buckling behaviour, finite element analysis.