Abstract: Today manufacturing industries are highly impacted by the fast changing economic conditions. In this scenario manufacturing industries are facing global competition due to globalization. The major problems those are being faced by these industries are declining profit margin, customer demand for high quality product and product variety. There is a high pressure today on every manufacturing industry of reduced leadľ time.In this paper we use surveys as well as observation to provide clear concept of a steel tube welding by using DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analysis, Improve and Control) technology under Six-Sigma in order to reduce leakage problem in steel tube welding. By taking various tube welding parameters in a machining process the tube welding strength (yield stress and tensile stress) increased. By taking into consideration and analyzing the drawbacks in the previous researches in context with constraints like finishing, quality, mechanical properties, time taken for welding and selection of material, we implemented our own welding method which has the ability to withstand the all these features and can easily rectify the leakage problems arising in the machining operations.

Keywords: Six Sigma, DMAIC, tube welding, yield stress.