Abstract: The difficulty of obtaining the initial background there is the inaccuracy of real-time background update and the difficulty of controlling the update speed in moving vehicle detection of traffic video. The project aim proposes an accurate and effective moving vehicle detection method which can be used in complex traffic environment. Vehicle detection and tracking system plays an important role for civilian and military applications such as in highway traffic surveillance control, management and urban traffic planning. Vehicle detection process on road are used for vehicle tracking, counts the vehicle, average speed of each individual vehicle, traffic analysis and vehicle categorizing objectives and may be implemented under different environments changes. In this review, we present a concise overview of image processing methods and analysis tools which used in building these previous mentioned applications that involved developing traffic surveillance systems. More precisely and in contrast with other reviews, we classified the processing methods under three categories for more clarification to explain the traffic system.

Keywords: Vehicle detection, Tracking, Traffic surveillance, Occlusion, Shadow & Classification