Abstract: Bamboo is one of the oldest building materials used by mankind. Bamboo is used for various construction works. It has good strength and durability. Now a days concrete is a widely used as construction material for its various advantages such as low cost, availability, fire resistance etc. Reinforced cement concrete plays vital role in construction. The cost of construction is increasing due to increase in the cost of steel and cement. To control the cost of construction and promote the use of natural products the study is required be carried out. The aim of present research work is to explore the use of bamboo as reinforcement in reinforced cement concrete work. This paper shows the investigation of use of bamboo reinforcement in beam. To study the effect of replacement of steel reinforcement by bamboo, tests have been conducted on 28 beams of size 750 mm length and 150 mm x150 mm. Beams were tested to failure under two point load tests. The highest and lowest failure loads were recorded for the case of steel reinforcement and bamboo reinforcement with steel stirrups. Flexural strength of beam model has been studied by replacing bamboo completely, in compression zone and in tension zone.

Keywords: Keywords: Bamboo, Reinforced cement, Steel Reinforcement.