Abstract: For winding protection of alternator, the on-line monitoring system of winding protection of alternator is designed based on transducer and interfacing card to PC in this project . The system describes the specific hardware and c software program in detail and simultaneously describes the specific application in data collection system of the alternator. The data transfer technique called interfacing card is used for transfer of data’s from one end to remote end. The system with good real-time, high reliability, high-speed and good flexibility will have a good prospect. In our project we are mainly focusing on protective scheme especially sensing element called relays. The only way to reduce hardware and cost is to convert hardware based relays into software based relays. For this, we are first converting all individual relay characteristics into software using ‘C’ language. In next step, we are visually/graphically-representing variation of all alternator parameter in pc using Turbo C + Graphics and we are dynamically monitoring all signal status. For sensing all parameter such as stator current etc., we specially designed PCB for all parameter. All sensed parameter is sending to pc through ADC 0809 and each parameter has unique address location. In our project, communication between our project model and pc is made through specially designed interface card. If any fault occurs in the alternator, the computer gives the signal to trip the faulty portion from the normal portion of the circuit.

Keywords: Online monitoring, ETPS